Billy Bug Club

Cool Stuff Just For Kids!

The Billy Bug Club is a special credit union club just for kids. It's easy to join and fun to earn prizes and watch your money grow! Plus, when you sign up for the Billy Bug Club you'll get...

  • Official Billy Bug Club Membership Card
  • Savings Account Passbook
  • Special Club Newsletter

Your Membership Card will have your name on it and your Passbook will help you keep track of how much money you have in your credit union account. This is important because you earn one point for every dollar you put into your Utah Federal Credit Union savings account. When you earn enough points you can trade them in at the credit union for fun prizes as a reward for being a good saver!

You will also get a special Billy Bug Club Newsletter four times a year. The newsletter will have fun stories to read, pictures to color, and exiting games to play!

But the best part about being a Billy Bug Club member of the is that you can earn prizes just for saving money in your credit union account!

So have your parents bring you to the credit union and join the Billy Bug Club today!